Fox River Sport Tab Ultra-Lightweight Ankle Running Socks, Blue Scuba, Medium
June 27, 2017
STYLEGAGA Women’s 80 Denier Semi Opaque Solid Color Footed Pantyhose Tights 2Pair or 6Pair (M/L, White)
June 27, 2017
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Zaftig Womens Plus Size Opaque Nylon Trouser Socks, Expandable Calf (3 Pairs Black)


Zaftig Legwear creates premium socks and hosiery for plus size women. Full-figured curvy women have too long been neglected with limited choices of hosiery and socks. Styles and fit have been subpar and Zaftig new legwear collection offers premium well-made hosiery alternatives. Zaftig is a Sockbin company.WOMENS PLUS SIZE TROUSER SOCKS: Opaque socks specially designed for women who with large calves seeking socks that are comfortable, well-fitting, and classy.

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