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Woolly Mammoth Warm Winter Jacquard Wool Crew Socks, European Made – 3 PACK #4 Deer Black Red Gray – Shoe size: 36-40 EU/5-9 US Women


Keep your feet snug and warm in the winter with our comfortable soft wool socks made in Europe with European yarns. Our jacquard wool winter themed socks feature different designs, such as snowflake, Christmas themed, deer, reindeer, fair isle, floral, fleur de lys and more. Colorful warm wool socks and neutral tones.

With Woolly Mammoth you actually get the jacquard patterns that you order and not some random selection. Buy with confidence!

Great European wool socks for indoor or outdoor. Wool is the only material created exclusively by nature for clothing purposes and like skin has keratin in its outer layer. This makes it particularly suitable for feet as it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp to the touch. The ultra-fine wool fibres trap air to create an insulating thermal air cushion which keeps feet dry and warm.

•Made with 45-50% wool depending on the style
•Quality socks at wholesale prices!
•Warm wool jacquard socks
•Ideal for wearing on a walk or inside the house
•Many more designs, sizes and colors available! Click our brand for the complete overview!
•Made with European wool in Portugal

Please note that not all the styles within a multipack are the exact same. Some styles are made to be a bit longer in the leg, some are shorter. Some styles are brushed on the inside and are therefore thicker, some are not brushed on the inside.

About Woolly Mammoth:

Woolly Mammoth makes high quality woollen socks at unbeatable prices. We deliver straight to our customers and can therefore sell them at wholesale prices and avoid the unnecessarily high cost of middlemen. All of our socks are made in Europe with European wool and European yarns. We’re on a mission to keep true quality and craftsmanship affordable!Made with 45-50% wool depending on the style.

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