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September 27, 2017
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September 27, 2017
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Womens Leg Warmers Knitted Boot Cuffs for Women Girls Long Socks Dark Blue


Superior Leg Warmers for Women Girls

The womens leg warmers are knit by soft acrylic fabric, cozy and comfy, suit for those easy cold people and keep warm when cold.

Superior long boot cuffs for women girls help to add more attractive appearance and are a hit during fall and winter season.

Warm and Cozy Boot socks

The knitted boot cuffs will help provide extra warmth and stay up over the legs at the right amount of thickness.

The long socks for boots are stretchy enough to fit over jeans but strong enough to hold securely and not be falling off or looking loose.

Stylish Leg Warmers

The knee high boot cuffs are a stylish addition to your wardrobe and an ideal holiday gift for your friends and loved ones.

Cable knit design is beautiful and makes the knit leg warmer fluffy and look super cute with boots!

Necessary Boot Socks

The boot leg warmers can be worn under boots over skinny jeans or leggings with longer sweaters or tunics.

The boot socks for women girls are a great accessory for any type of boots, costumes, or just wear to keep warm.

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Quality Leg Warmers – ORSKY womens leg warmers are soft acrylic material very nice, thick , snug, and soft. Legwarmers design with an attractive cable knit pattern and have great stitching, make them looks and feels well. They are a necessary decoration for cold weather, can be matched with all kinds of costume and boots. One size fits most people.

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