‘Snozu Boys 2-Pack Thermal Warm Underwear Top and Pant Set, Black/Heather Grey, Size 7’
November 15, 2017
HP95(TM) Women Girls Leg Warmers, Crochet Knit Boot Cover Socks, Cuffs Toppers (Orange)
November 15, 2017
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Vearin Girls’ Knee High School Uniform Seamless Sock Pack of 3 (White, Small:4-6 Years)


Vearin Kids School Uniforms Knee High Socks
Small:5.9-7.8 inch,suitable for kids shoes US size 9-1, age 4-6 Years
Medium:7.8-9.8 inch,suitable for kids shoes US size 12-6, age 7-10 Years
Perfect socks for school uniform. these knee high socks are easy to pair with skirts, dresses, shorts, jumpers, skirts, and pants.
Seamless,very soft and comfortable,durable

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