Capezio Women’s Hold & Stretch Footed Tight,Ballet Pink,Medium
January 17, 2017
HITOP Women’s Short Boots Socks Crochet Knitted Boot Cuffs Leg Warmers Socks (Grey)
January 17, 2017
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The Right Fit Little Boys Cotton Sports Uniform Ribbed Crew Style Dress Socks- Navy, 7-8 1/2, 6Pk


THE RIGHT FIT Boys 80% ribbed cotton crew socks are definitely the right choice for you! Our socks were especially designed with a great snug fit, comfort and ease for daily use. Cotton socks absorb sweat, holding it against the skin and toenails. By doing this, cotton socks prevent to Athlete’s Foot & toenail fungal infections, as well as their recurrence. Polyester acrylic or nylon wicking fiber socks are often used as alternatives to cotton because they are thought to keep feel dry enough to prevent fugal growth. However, with their use, the fungal rate increases.FEATURING OUR BOYS COTTON RIBBED CREW SOCKS: Classic everyday boys uniform running socks for toddlers to teenagers. Also great for youth that are into sports, biking and exercise and constantly on the go. Excellent warm socks to keep their little toes warm in the winter during the day or while sleeping in bed at night.

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