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Super Undies Bedwetting Pants Nighttime Underwear , The Webslinger (Red), Size 2 (Large) 4-6 yr old


These bedwetting pants are a form of absorbent waterproof underwear designed to fit kids with bedwetting issues. They contain four layers of built in microfiber absorbency, but are capable of having even more absorbency added. They are excellent for potty training transitional nights, or even for minor child enuresis. Although these bedwetting pants contain more absorbency than other bedwetting training pants, you may need an insert added for children with heavy nighttime enuresis. Super Undies can save you money. No one knows how long bedwetting will last, or even if your second or third child will go through the same thing. Check out how cheap it is to use these Bedwetting Pants, even though the price can seem like a bit of a sticker shock. Two packs of disposable undies a month can easily cost the same as one of these, but that one pair can be washed with regular loads and be ready every night to use again You’ll get WAY more than a month’s of use out of these Bedwetting Pants! Although these nighttime bedwetting pants carry the same (or more) absorption as other brands, this product is unique in the fact that it can take more absorption. If you find your child leaking, simply add more absorption. The undies are roomy enough to hold a surprisingly large amount of additional absorbency. These bedwetting underwear are also built to stop leaks. The fleece around the legs and waist has been added for it’s water repellant properties. Wetness seeping to the edge of the undies will be blocked further by this layer.Size 2 (Large): Waist 19-24″, Legs 12-15″, Rise 20″, Typical Age 5-7 years, Typical Weight 32-42 lbs

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