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January 22, 2017
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January 22, 2017
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Stomper Joe Bamboo Athletic No Show Socks for Women. 3 Pck Cushioned Sole, Lge Heel Grip


Are you fed up of uncomfortable no show socks that keep falling off your feet?

Well look no further. Once you have tried these socks you will never want another no show sock.

The socks are made from 90% bamboo so are soft to touch and wear. You won’t know you have them on.

What makes them even more special is that they are thicker than most other no show socks and the cushioned sole makes it feel you are walking on air.

The anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo and natural fibers allow your feet to breathe, draw away any moisture away from your feet and eliminate any unpleasant smells. Just think no more stinky shoes.

You can’t see these low cut socks outside any type of sports shoe, boat shoe or espadrille. If you do just let us know and we will refund your money.

One of the biggest problems with this type of shoe is slipping, this is nearly always because of a bad fit which is why these casual socks are available in 3 different sizes. XS for US womens shoe size 4-7, S for US womens shoe size 7-9, M for womens US shoe size 9-11.

The final addition to ensure these socks are 100% anti-slip is the Stomper Joe TM silicon grip. Twice the size than on other no show socks and makes sure your sock stays put all day no matter how busy you are.

Want more than 1 pack of these great socks? Place the discount code: C7GVOLWG at the Amazon checkout and receive 10% off when you buy 2 packs or more.PERFECT FOR BACK TO SCHOOL – Made from bamboo, a natural material famous for it’s moisture wicking and anti-bacterial purposes so no more smelly feet and shoes.

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