Jefferies Socks Big Girls’ School Uniform Acrylic Cable Knee High (Pack of 3), Navy, Large
October 28, 2016
Women’s Semi Opaque Knee High Trouser Sock 3pair / 6pair (One Size : XS to M, 3pair-Green)
October 28, 2016
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Spring Fever Women’s Bright Color Structured Wet Suit Pin up Neoprene Swimwear Orange L (US: 6-8)


Fashion bright contrast color design makes you become more attractive, leaving the others guessing as you strut across the sand in a neoprene bikini. Adjustable and elasticized shoulder strap, provide a more comfortable experience. The unique design makes you so gorgeous, surprise your love, as an ingenious father’s day gift for him.

Spring Fever, American Registered Brand, offers its own special packing, hang tag and customer service card.


Neoprene can crease and mark easily. You should take extra special care when wearing and washing you bikini.

1.Store your bikini flat, as folding them will cause creases.

2.Hand wash your bikini in cold water after contact with chlorine or salt water and dry them flat.

3.Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

4.Do not use chemical detergent to wash.

5.If creases do form, you can iron them inside out, being careful not to place iron directly on to neoprene.

For other choices/Styles of Bikinis, please click Spring Fever on the top of the tittle area, we have collected the hottest styles of Bikinis only available in Spring Fever.

BRAND: Spring Fever Apparel with registered trademark, choosing Spring Fever to guarantee product quality and customer service. Please CONFIRM your order is SOLD by Spring Fever! We NEVER AUTHORIZE ANY OTHER SELLERS TO SOLD THIS!

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