Prince Boys’ Low Cut Athletic Socks for Active Kids (6 Pair Pack) (9-2.5 (Little Boys), Black)
September 26, 2017
Thomas the Train Underwear for Boys (2T/3T).
September 26, 2017
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SockTower Men’s Sports Baseball Softball Striped Knee High Socks (SHOE Size 6-12, Dark Orange-White Lines)


SOCK SIZE S: Usually fits shoe size: MEN=4-6; WOMEN=3-6; Kid Shoe Size=12-4. FOOT LENGTH: Before Stretch= 6.5″. After=8.5″. CALF LENGTH: Before Stretch= 12.5″. After=15.5″ (try on model foot =8.5″). SOCK SIZE 6-12: Usually fits shoe size: MEN=6-12; WOMEN=6-13. Big Kid Shoe Size=4-7. FOOT LENGTH: Before Stretch= 7.5″. After=11″ . CALF LENGTH: Before Stretch= 14″. After=18″ (try on model foot =11″).Men Shoe Size=4-6 /Women Shoe Size=3-6 (Best to fit Foot= 7.12″ to 8.75″). Before stretch: FOOT=6.5″, CALF= 12.5″. Men Shoe Size= 6-12/Women Shoe Size=6-13 (Best to fit Foot= 8.75″ to 9.75″).Before stretch: FOOT=7.5″, CALF= 14″.

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