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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016
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Sneeyid 8-13 Ages Children/Teenagers Football Socks Long Stockings Towel Bottom Sox Soccer Long Sock (Blue)


SNEEYID to provide you with a variety of high quality socks and related products. We will try to meet the needs of you and your family.
The sports sock is excellent to wear.Made of featured nylon cotton, suitable and durable, with the soft and comfortable feeling of cotton wrapping legs, protect us each movement moment.

Technical presentations:

1. Delay shake: the thickened stock sole can cushion the impact on the soles of the feet and friction, also can effectively protect the feet from injury.

2. Good elasticity: the football socks of strong scalability, can extend more than 2 times;

3. High wear duration: football is a high intensity exercise, if the sock is full cotton material, it will be easily damaged, but this football sock is made of nylon, wear durable and tear resistant, can be weared for a long time.

4. The Y routing line reinforcing the socks with 360 degrees three-dimension, with bright color, comfortable and breathable, good hygroscopicity, can effectively absorb the soles sweat to return you a pair of healthy feet;

5. Elastic band design: foot ankles smooth and comfortable elastic design, prevent socks from sliding in violent sports.Exercise more comfortable and freely;

6. Mesh design:breathable, not stuffy feet, not bacteria.

Football sock function analysis:

Pure natural weaving, polyester fiber + cotton + spandex, towel thickened, keeping warm.

Three major features: anti-skid, developed by a special process, at the surface of tissue covered with cotton fabric, prevent slipping!

Keeping warm, let activists still warm in the winter sports!

Moisture absorption and sweat conduction: sock legs with breathable mesh design, good wearing permeability, delicate texture, great moisture absorption.

No pilling: using special technology.Give children the best gift!Thin, soft, quick-drying, let the children’s movement more easily! Free size,Suitable for Children’s shoe size US4-6.5

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