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April 28, 2017
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April 28, 2017
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Saucey Socks – Please Bring Me Beer Socks (9-11, BEER – Grey with Black Lettering – PRIME)


If You Can Read This Please Bring Me Wine Socks; If You Can Read This Please Bring Me a Beer Socks; If You Can Read This Please Bring Me Coffee Socks; Saucey Socks have the lettering woven into the sock itself during the manufacturing process. This means that the lettering on Saucey Socks will never peel or fade. These are very different from most of the other socks on the market that are ‘homemade’ by printing words on the bottom. Saucey Socks are designed and custom manufactured with the words directly knit into the sock as a part of the production process. Saucey Socks – the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.THESE SOCKS HAVE THE WORDS STITCHED DIRECTLY INTO THEM DURING THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS. Saucey Socks are novelty socks of such high quality and so durable that they can even be worn as every day or dress socks. No other socks compare. These are not screen printed – they are custom designed and manufactured.

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