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October 25, 2017
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Sanho Dynamic Movement Sensory Sock, Body Sox, Toys for Autistic and Sensory Processing Disorders, Updated Version, Good for height:35″- 59″ Deep Blue


This unique stretchy garment is soft and breathable, it could not only promote self-calming, balance, increased body and spatial awareness,
But also encourages imaginative play, visual-motor coordination, and establishes body boundaries.
The children will sleep better in it, they can ‘hide’ and take comfort as this product can act as a safe haven for them when they need it.
Kids love to stay in it because it can help them to release so much stress.
It is fantastic!

Good for height:35″- 59″ , Deep Blue:
So you can choose one appropriate for your kids in accordance with his/her height .
Please lick “Sanho Yopo” on the top for more color and sizes.
Choose our high quality product and give your kids a surprise, So hurry to click “Add To Cart” now and be on your way to a relaxing adventure.
Sanho, Your assured choice!

Warm Tips:
1.) We recommend that the sensory sox be the height of the individual using it. So try getting as close in height without going over. Never purchase a sox that is larger than the user.
2.) Please separate it with other clothing in dark color when washing; available for hand wash or machine wash; natural airing only!
3.) Please note that there is reasonable deviation between color of product in computer and color of actual product because of different photograph and computer screen!
4.) Children’s use shall be under adults’ supervision!❈•MAGIC WEAPON TO HELP EVERY SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD – If your child has a range of obstacles such as language, social interaction, Autistic, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or anxiety, interests and behavior patterns, you must have this product in your home;

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