Smartwool Men’s Striped Hike Light Crew Medium Gray Socks LG (Men’s Shoe 9-11.5)
October 29, 2016
Feathers Girls Solid White Snug Fit Tagless Briefs Underwear – 100% Cotton Super Soft Panties
October 29, 2016
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Red Socks Don’t Work: Messages from the Real World About Men’s Clothing


This volume covers all aspects of clothing for today’s men. The author, one of America’s leading clothing, dressing, and image authorities, shows how to dress properly, from selecting suit styles and colors to assembling one’s wardrobe. This revealing book gives practical advice and illustrations on suits, jackets, ties, shirts, and trousers. It offers invaluable advice on coordinating your wardrobe, grooming, and communicating with a tailor. Here’s the ideal book for any man wishing to enhance his professional image in today’s business and social worlds.

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