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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016
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Rambutan Men’s “Rainforest” Seamless Bamboo Socks Us 8.5-12.5 (Green)


Limited edition mens bamboo socks. Special mixed yarn design. Seamless comfortable toe.

Looking for some pep in your step? Then Rambutan might just have what you are looking for. With Rambutan socks you can be sure to keep your feet breathing, dry and odor-free for hours on end!

If you are looking for some casual socks to rock out with on a saturday night, or to just laze around the house, then Rambutan casuals are just the socks for you! The come in a few different colors -so they are no-brainers to mix and match – and they are made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo fiber is the most absorbent fiber for perspiration, so you can be sure that after a night out or a few hours at the gym, your socks will not be dripping wet. Rambutan socks are made to last, and made to be comfortable with all types of shoes, so try your first pair here and now, you won’t regret it!

Why are our socks different you might ask? First of all, they are hand linked to keep your feet comfortable for long periods of time. Second of all, they are made to last! The cuff on many socks begins to give after a few washes, but not on these little gems! The cuff is designed to remain intact for innumerable wash cycles, and the double yarn technology ensures socks that will last the long haul. All our socks are made with antibacterial cotton and/or bamboo fiber to ensure that your feet remain healthy, happy, and importantly, odor- free!

The composition of our socks:

75% bamboo

22% polyamide

3% spandex

This composition makes the sock very soft and comfortable and also very durableSoft touch

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