Heat Holders – Men’s EXTRA LONG Ultimate Thermal Socks, One size 7-12 us (Black)
July 31, 2016
Diabetic White Ankle Socks 80% Cotton 6 Pair Women’s Men’s Sizes 9-11
July 31, 2016
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Pro Mountain Low Cut Unisex Mens Womens Cotton Athletic Sports Socks Grey 6pairs (M(US Women Shoe 8~10 = Men 7~9, size10), Grey 6pairs M-size)


Pro Mountain Low Cut Sports Socks : Cotton-cushioned ball and heel, dual instep mesh structure, diamond-shaped spandex arch support and slim ribbed cuff with double Y-stitch will give your feet comfort and support for your sporty life. This socks has been designed for everyday light exercise. This low cut athletic socks M Size will fit US Women Shoes 8~10 = Men 7~9 (sock size 10), S size will fit US Women Shoes 5.5~7.5(sock size 9). Sock length of this low cut socks is approx. cuff ending on your middle of peach bone. With 40 years of only-terry-socks experience, we’ve been trying our best to satisfy our customers. Low cut cotton sports socks with Y-stitch heel provide more hold for your feet, keeping the socks stay in place. Tight yet comfortable socks structure with terry cushions, ventilating meshes and supporting elastane create moderate compression, protection from blisters and stays in shape. 1 year of Quality Guarantee.6 pairs, Low Cut length(Approx. on your peach bone) daily sports socks for men with Y-stitch heel
M size = US Women Shoes 8~10 = Men 7~9
Design : diamond-patterned dual instep mesh and ribbed cuff with spandex
Function : dual Instep mesh, bottom cushioning, Y-stitch heel and arch-supporting elastine protect your feet, absorb sweat ,moist wicking and ventilation.
1 year of Quality Guarantee – if torn or get hole we will replace them for free. No questions asked.

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