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October 25, 2017
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Outdoorsky 2 Packs (1 Pair) Protective Compression Wear – Men & Women Basketball Brace Support – Best to Immobilize, Strap & Wrap Knee for Volleyball, Football, Contact Sports – Snug & No Chafing Padded


What’s the benefit of this protective pad?
– Offers sturdiness and stability to your knees with a snug fit
– Reduce knee pain symptoms and swelling
– Faster and easier recovery after your workout, as increase in oxygen helps remove lactic acid
– More effective warm up as your muscles get warmed faster
– Improve your performance with better muscle support
– Breathable and comfortable as we use anti itch material
– Insulated to keep your knees warmbr>- Stays in place and does not slide down during your activity
– Retains shape even after multiple washes
– Anti bacterial material to reduce odor
– Allows greater flexibility & motion with no skin chafing or irritation
– Suitable for patella support
▲ Compression feature maintains muscle warmth and prevents abrasions and scratches. Each person has different felling about the compression function, please wear the product according to your need and fitness degree.
▲The durability of the item is related to the intensity when using them playing sports. Because the material nature of the item is fabric, vigorously rubbing the rough ground will cause damage.
▲Don’t use it when skin has wound or cut! Please carefully choose the product which containing silicone or rubber material when susceptibility to skin inflammation or having sensitive skin.
▲If allergies or other symptoms happen, stop use it immediately and consulting a doctor is recommended.
Package Included:
2 x Knee Pads★ Breathable Fabrics- Mixed fabric of polyamide and spandex, exquisite design technology, light smooth & high elastic fitting, rapid perspiration, drying and good breathable are useful to protect the leg and knee from pulling during in outdoor activities

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