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July 26, 2016
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July 26, 2016
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No Show Socks, Perfectday Quality Cotton Socks, 3 Pack White, Small


It’s not a very pleasant thought, and yet it’s hardly surprising.

The average foot has 250,000 sweat glands. So it’s safe to say that all feet sweat. If you’re not wearing socks there is nothing around the feet to soak up the excessive moisture.

This can:

-cause your feet to swell and rub against the insides of your shoe, in turn causing -blisters and calluses

-make your feet smell -spread that unpleasant smell to your footwear

-create an environment conducive to fungal infections such as ‘yellow nails’ and Athlete’s Foot

-make your shoes change shape more than once, giving them an old, beaten

-look, and wearing them out quicker The solution is easy!

Wear socks.

Our Socks are: Specially made to be comfortable. We have balanced the mix of cotton and synthetic fibers to keep the sock fabric cool and thin, and yet stay on your foot. Sold exclusively by Angella’s Lamp. Please note that if the seller is shipping from China the brand is fake.

Important: Please follow the sizing guide as listed in the bullet points above, and not from the size-chart. Do not worry if the size is wrong on the original socks you ordered from Angella’s Lamp. If the socks do not fit we will send you a different size at no extra cost. Please contact us if you’re not sure about anything. We’re happy to help.

We are proudly offering customers a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, Money Back Guarantee. We will refund or replace the socks for FREE if for any reason you are not satisfied with the fit expected. This Manufacturers Warranty only applies to items purchased directly from Angella’s Lamp and not through any unauthorized re-sellers.
The sizing is by the U.S. Men’s shoe size: Small 5-9.5, and Large 10-13. Still not sure about your size? Let us know and we’ll help you out.
They’re 85% cotton, so your feet will stay cool and comfortable. They’re long lasting. Machine washable; air-dry only.
Premium Quality. Great Fit. And 100% no-show! Large silicon grip on heel prevents slipping. They stay on your feet… guaranteed! If you’re not happy with the fit we will send you another size, at no extra cost.
These socks are sold on exclusively by Angella’s Lamp and shipped via Amazon. The cheaper alternatives out there, with long shipping times, are selling fakes. Their fit and quality cannot be guaranteed. If you did buy from one of these sellers and are unhappy with your purchase now is the time to try our original hosiery range from Angella’s Lamp

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