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January 28, 2017
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Mraw Cute Cat Design Women’s Casual Comfortable Cotton Crew Socks – 5 Pack …


Feet are the only part of our body ,With 26 bones and many joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons, it isn’t always ideally suited to weight-bearing and getting around.
Feet endure tremendous stresses throughout the day. That’s why proper foot care, and wearing the right socks and footgear is essential.

Providing breathability and shock absorption is the essential function of socks.

People often undervalue breathability when compared with warmth.

It is not a common sense for people to choose a proper sock for different seasons, different occasions, and different activities.

Socks fall into the category of lingerie, and it has a different quality standard compared with other clothing.

For example. Cotton has a reputation for skin-friendly, and often ranked as the first-priority material to choose a T-shirt or trouser, but when it comes to socks, rules changes.
Cotton keep absorb the moisture of the foot, but can’t volatilization. Then the moisture stays there against the foot. This moisture softens the skin, increases friction and in turn causes blisters.
So Cotton are not the ideal material for socks, especially athletic socks.

To diminish the confusion you may encounter, for each sock we sell, we list the usage scenarios this sock applied: seasons, occasions, and activities.FOR CAT LOVERS: Lovely Cat design, Smiling, Dreaming, Sunning, Wondering, Playing. A great gift for cat lovers.

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