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January 22, 2017
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Men’s Compression Ankle Socks Blue


1.Brand Story: When I was eight years of age, I didn’t even have new shoes and good socks!
I realize how important it is for me to own a good pair socks. It’s not
just a small pair socks?matter. My experiences is my motivation. I want
to change this lifestyle. Everything start with the work in my socks
factory, I wanna change my poor life.

2.Frustration: When you eate food from others you will speak good ward to others. When
you get something from others you will be controlled by others. Everyone
get asked for Top-Reviewers. When I did the same. One of them replied that
if my product is worth $50 , he will do it. The secret of success is honesty
and fair dealing for amazon, but Some people have secretly harmed social
ethics. I was angry because I didn’t want to do that. I said no.

3.Belief: All is not gold that glitters. But gold will glitter forever. Good products
to help me speak. I am progressing. My products is progressing. Producer
devotion to his products and I do so. Constant dropping wears away a stone.
Stick to my principles, and I will win through.

4.Customer service: If you’re not impressed with our socks, send them back for a full refund.
After all, no products are most perfect in the world. My favourite
designers can touch the design itself directly through the presentational
existence. His name is Ronald W. Blair. I integrated your suggestion into
my plans and it improved them.

5.Help me: Please leave your reviewers. This is my most valuable possession of your
reviewers. Because early detection of problems can significantly reduce
their impact and the resourcesrequired to correct them.Ingredients&Size: Fiber content( 75% Cotton/15% Spandex/10% Polyester. Fits virtually everyone ideal for men’s socks size 7 TO 11.)

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