Hot Sox Women’s Fashion Travel Crew Socks, Berlin (Light Blue), Shoe Size 4-10/Sock Size 9-11
September 25, 2017
Lian LifeStyle Unisex Baby Children 1 Pair Knee High Wool Blend Socks Size 4-6Y (Dark Gray)
September 25, 2017
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Men Women Socks,kaifongfu Compression Socks Athletic Fit for Running Socks Travel Boost Stamina (S, Gray)


Compression Socks for Men & Women, Best Graduated Compression Socks For Running, Athletic Sports, Crossfit, Flight Travel – Suits Nurses, Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Maternity Pregnancy

1.Compression Elite style socks have a firm feel and stretch – Yet are Comfortable and easy to wear. The feel on these is a bit thinner and tighter than our coolmax series socks – they provide a firm feeling graduated compression.

2.Compression socks – Tightest at the ankle gradually decreasing up the leg creates a pumping effect. Helps with swollen ankles and legs

3.Compression socks women – Wear during activity for leg Recovery and to reduce Lactic acid build up – Use after exercise for recovery – similar properties to elevating your legs

4.Thinner material foot and heel for extra room – Zone construction for selective cushioning and compression – Engineered to follow contours of the foot – Compression bands supports Achilles tendons – Flat seams lessen pressure marks and risk of blisters

❤ Material: 20%Spandex+80%Nylon

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