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Marino Women long Knit Winter Leg Warmers, Knee High Boot Socks – Burgundy


Marino Avenue Women’s Leg Warmers are both fashionable and functional, a combination that suits both fashionistas and simple folk alike. Made of a soft knit acrylic fiber, these leg warmers keep you cozy and warm in the winter while still being lightweight enough to breathe and resist moisture.

These one size fits all leg warmers are suitable for a wide age range, young adults, the middle-aged, and seniors alike. They come in multiple color options to suit many tastes. Choose from classics, neutrals, and bolds: black, dark grey, brown, rust, burgundy, navy, olive green, beige, and off white. Your comfort, enjoyment, and self-expression is our priority!


These knee high ribbed winter warmers do not easily fray, nor wear and tear with continued usage. They are stretchable, but will not overstretch when washed. They retain their color and size over time.

Save yourself the frustration and purchase one pair of Marino Ave leg warmers that will last you a lifetime!


• Soft Acrylic Fabric
• Ribbed Pattern Design
• 15″ x 4.5″
• One Size Fits All
• Knee High
• Wear Scrunched or Stretched
• Fits Over Stockings or Under Pants
• Wear With Boots
• Winter &Cold Climate Protection
• Keeps Warm and Dry


These cozy leg warmers will be your best buddy in braving the snowstorms, icing winds, and bitter cold temperatures of winter. Wear these while shoveling snow, running errands, exercising outdoors, you name it!

You can choose to wear these leg warmers pulled up for minimal skin exposure or pulled down for a scrunched sock look. Either way, they fit snugly over regular socks or leggings as well as under pants, jeans, boots, and more. The thick stretchy material adjusts to your needs.FASHION AND COMFORT: Marino Ave leg warmers are made of a soft knit acrylic fabric with a wool-like feel on the skin that protects against frigid winter weather, retains warmth, and looks great!

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