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September 28, 2017
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September 28, 2017
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Marilyn Monroe Womens Ladies 3Pack Faux Wool Fabric Printed Cozy Crew Socks Size 9-11 Soft Pink/Light Grey


Enjoy cozy warmth and comfort when you wear these Marilyn Monroe Printed Cozy Crew Socks!

With its unmatched style, support, and comfort, this 3-pack socks provides optimum support and stability to help reduce foot fatigue, so you can feel light and move freely all day long. No bulky seams, no slipping, and no sagging as each sock features a smooth seaming construction which reduces abrasion and prevents blisters. Each pair comes in an array of stylish prints and patterns that’ll suit all kinds of clothing, whether it be on casual or athletic days. Made of sensible and long-lasting blends, plus a reinforced toe and heel, these lurex geo socks offer premium steadiness and durability so you can enjoy them for many occasions to come.ALL DAY COMFORT: Feel light and walk with ease as these socks provide an ultra-soft feel and cozy warmth, as well as optimum support to help reduce foot fatigue, so you can move comfortably all day long

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