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April 30, 2017
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Horizon Mens Classic Long Striped Dress Socks (7-12.5 US) (Green/White/Sage (Sherborne))


Combed cotton. Full color striped dress sock. 80% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 2% Lycra Elastane. Mens sock sizing: XS – 12.5-3 UK/31-35 EU/13-3.5 US, S – 3-5.5 UK/35-38 EU/3.5-6 US, S/M – 4-7 UK/37-41 EU/4.5-7.5 US, M – 6-8.5 UK/39-42 EU/7-9.5 US, M/L – 8-12 UK/42-47 EU/8.5-12.5 US, L – 9-11.5 UK/43-46 EU/10-12 US, XL – 12+ UK/48-51 EU/13-15.5 US.Combed cotton.

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