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March 26, 2017
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HONENNA Sheer Reinforced Crotch Pantyhose Tights With Back Seam (Medium, Black)


Timelessly feminine: these razor-thin tights with a mat look are a true classic. They have always demanded attention with their knitted seam from the toe to the top. Sensual elegance that never gets old.

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1, Wash your pantyhose before you wear them. Fill the sink and add a little liquid starch to the water. After they’re thoroughly dry, put them into a plastic bag and into the freezer overnight.
2, Prevent snags as you put the hose on. Wear a pair of cotton gloves or apply a good hand lotion before handling your hosiery. Don’t put lotion on your legs, the dampness can make your hose stick and pull.
3, Put hose on properly to reduce pulling and tugging. Scrunch one leg of the pantyhose into your hands and put them on toe first. Release a little bit at a time as you move up your leg. When you get just above your knee, do the same thing with the other leg. Gently work each leg the rest of the way into the hose and then pull up the panty.
4,Check your shoes for rough patches that can snag your hose.
5,Take off your hose when you get home and wash them out immediately. Rotating your pairs will give them extra life.


1,Stop runs with clear nail polish. Apply it to small holes and snags to keep runs from developing Nail Polish
2,If nail polish is not available, use hair spray. Spray on the area around the run, let dry, and repeat, depending on the size of the run.
Silky material make your leg more charming and beauty

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