Balega Hidden Contour Socks, Charcoal/Neon Green, Large
July 27, 2016
Leotruny Classic Triple Stripes Knee High Tube Socks (White/Blue/Red)
July 27, 2016
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Haslra Low Cut Toe Socks 3 Pairs (GRAY)


Medium – Men’s shoe size (6-9), Women’s shoe size (7-10), Large – Men’s shoe size (9.5-11), Women’s shoe size (10.5-12) / [EXCELLENT STRETCH & SUPREME COMFORT & BREATHABLE] – Excellent stretch, Spandex for better fit, Superior moisture management. it is soft, durability is good, to provide to be able to experience the cool feeling of coolness. Great for sweaty feet.
[NO-SHOW & SLIP RESISTANT – #MSOT014, #MSOT014B] Unique HeelHugTM slip resistant design. This product is unique for its no-show design, which ensures the socks do not show whether you wear running shoes, boat shoes, or dress shoes. The HASLRA socks are perfect for athletic activities and everyday comfort. It is most popular among fashionistas. *Difference between #MSOT014 and #MSOT014B : #MSOT014’s cuff is larger so it is more well hidden and cannot be seen when wearing shoes.
[LOW CUT SOCKS & DESIGNED TO BE INVISIBLE – #MSOT015, #MSOT016ANK, #MSOT028] It is suitable for ankle socks, exposing your ankle bone, and will be well hidden and unseen when wearing running shoes.*Difference between #MSOT015 and #MSOT016ANK : #MSOT015 has denser texture because contains more cotton so that it can hold your foot more tightly, #MSOT016ANK is a bit loose compared to #MSOT015 so that it feels soft and comfortable.
[MINI CREW SOCKS & USABILITY – #MSOT016, #MSOT029, #MSOT031] It is high-cut so that it goes well with both casual and sporty style / [CREW SOCKS & COOLMAX – #MSOT017, #MSOT030, #MSOT032, #MSOT034] Covering your calf, it goes well with casual, sports, and formal. Quick-drying, Breathable, CoolMax.
[100%COTTON & HiGH QUALITY – #MSOT029, #MSOT030, #MSOT031, #MSOT032] It is 100% cotton so that it is effective to prevent allergy and athlete’s foot. It has great absorption and bentilation and soft feeling / [PRESSURE FREE BAND – #MSOT028, #MSOT031, #MSOT032] This is a no pressure band which doesn’t leave any band mark on the ankle or calf and it’s a characteristic of this band. You can feel very comfortable wearing sensation.

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