Red & White Stripe Knee High Socks – Youth , Child – Raggedy Ann, Rag Doll & Elf Candy Cane Striped
October 28, 2016
Kid’s Long Socks TOOPOOT Sport Football Soccer Over Knee High Sock (Green)
October 28, 2016
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Grey Hand Knit Wool Long Tibetan Socks Small


Slip your toes into woolen clouds of comfort with these cozy long slipper socks. Hand-knit in the Himalayas, they?re meant for the iciest of altitudes and the frostiest of floors. Tibetan Socks are made of thick wool encasing a fleece sock lining and a hand-stitched felt sole. Each pair is unique – the socks you receive may vary slightly in color or pattern. Tibetan Socks partners with 3 NGO charities operating in India, Nepal and Tibet to provide school lunches, tuition, and supplies for in-need children. Your purchase of one pair of socks gives to one of the following causes: 12 school lunches for children in Sikkim, India; 2 weeks of food and lodging for an orphan in a monastery school in Tibet; Books and medical supplies for the women and children at Maiti Nepal.Hand-knit wool slipper socks, lined in soft fleece, featuring a hand-sewn felt sole

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