Summer Socks, TOOPOOT Ultrathin Transparent Lace Crystal Silk Elastic Short Socks (gray)
January 20, 2017
12 Pairs Of Sockbin Womens Knee High Socks, Boot Socks, Long Socks (Black/White/Gray)
January 20, 2017
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Glenmuir Women’s 3 Pair Gentle Grip Plain Bamboo Socks 5-9 Navy


How much comfort can you stand? Not only do these Glenmuir Gentle Grip Plain Bamboo Socks have specially constructed, honeycomb weave cuffs that hold to your legs’ contours without tightness, or leaving constriction lines on your legs but they are also made using skin-friendly bamboo, which has rounded, non-irritating fibres.Because of those same fibres, bamboo is cool and breathable in hot weather, but can also keep you significantly warmer in the cold. Its extra-moisture absorbent, anti-bacterial and, with hand linked toes for smooth seams, these three pairs of Glenmuir socks won’t rub joints either.3 Pair Pack

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