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GHB Baby Socks 6 Pairs Anti Skid Slip Socks for 8-36 Months Toddler and Infants


Product Description

– These socks are adorable, with the polka dots.

– The socks retain the color after being washed.

– They are very cute on your baby’s feet, the socks are really comfortable to be worn and you will love to have these on for your baby especially when indoors.

– No slipping and sliding, your baby was even walking on her tippy toes and no issues. The bottom has a non-skid feature that is great for babies who are learning to walk, or fast running toddlers on hardwood floors.

– These little socks are very well-made. They’re breathable, more on the thin-side (but not cheaply made), they have a secure grip on bottom for smooth surfaces (tile, hardwood), and the stitching is very even and professionally done. There’s not any loose strings or seams and these have great stretch to them!

– Another great feature is that the material is soft and stretchy, and does not seem bothersome at all. You can easily wash them and they held up perfectly through both the washer and the dryer.


Material: 95% Cotton, 21% Polyester fiber, 4% Nylon

Size: To fit babies 8-36 Months, 6.3x 3×3 inches

Color: Assorted (pink, purple, green, yellow, blue, black and red)

For season: Spring, summer and autumn.

Adorable and cute socks, High quality within good elastic

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