KMystic Womens Trouser Socks Knee High (Royal)
October 30, 2016
ToBeInStyle Women’s Opaque Ankle High Socks With Ruffled Lace Top – White
October 30, 2016
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GAMT Women’s Fashion Cute Cartoon Christmas Socks Red


Stockings is a nylon thin socks, mainly has the following functions. Modification of the legs,some small flaws of the legs can be covered by stockings.Stockings supple and smooth increase the beauty of the legs, wearing stockings can give solemn beautiful and elegant feel. Summer to go out, the sun is the question on everyone’s mind, wearing a pair of stockings, can greatly reduce the intensity of the sun shone on the legs, and UV protection. People walk upright, since the Earth’s gravitational pull, the pressure on the leg veins, much larger than other parts of the body, so many people prone to leg varicose veins phenomenon. Artificial legs to exert a certain force, the legs can prevent or reduce varicose veins phenomenon. Stockings can play this role. Prevent edema, long-standing people, due to the leg in a lower position for long time, prone to edema. Wearing stockings is equal to the pressure from the outside, can greatly reduce leg pain, swelling and fatigue.Material:Cotton

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