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October 30, 2017
ASICS Men’s Performance Run Essentials Tights, Performance Black, Medium
October 30, 2017
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FUN TOES Women’s Cotton Toe Socks Barefoot Running Socks -PACK OF 6 PAIRS- Size 9-11 -Lightweight- (White)


Meet the Perfect Companion to Your 5 Toe Shoes. Five toed barefoot running shoes can help you promote proper foot alignment to reduce strain and lower your risk of injury, but without toe socks your feet can end up sweaty and covered with blisters. That’s why FUN TOES Toe Socks for Women are a must-have companion for any pair of 5-toed shoes! With their 5-toe design, they provide you with a number of benefits. Our barefoot running socks can help you by: – KEEPING YOUR FEET COOL AND DRY. Our barefoot socks are so lightweight that you’ll forget they’re even there! The 83% Cotton 14% Polyester and 3% Spandex helps to keep feet dry even when temperatures climb, so you feel more comfortable and your shoes can last longer! – PROTECTING YOU FROM FRICTION. Our toe shoe socks provide a layer of protection from friction across every part of the foot, dramatically reducing your risk of ending up with painful blisters. – MAINTAINING PROPER TOE ALIGNMENT. Our barefoot running socks for Women keep each toe perfectly positioned to complement the fit of five-toe shoes. – BEING INVISIBLE BENEATH YOUR SHOES. The no show cut of our toe shoe socks allows them to stay beneath the tops of your shoes, so don’t just feel your best in them–you look your best, too! – SAVING YOU MONEY. We’ve designed the absolute best toe socks for Women, but you don’t have to pay a high price to experience the FUN TOES difference. Our toe socks pack gives you 6 pairs for an unbeatable price! Get all of the benefits of toe shoes without the risk of blisters and sweaty feet! Choose the best option for toe socks and other toe shoes on Amazon! Order FUN TOES Toe Socks for Women and get your money-saving toe socks pack of six today!PERFECT COMPANION FOR TOE SHOES Our toe shoes socks are ideal for use on all toe shoes; They keep each toe separated and spread, giving you the full benefits of shoe design.

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