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Epivive Velocity American Flag Patriotic Athletic Crew Socks Royal Blue / Red (Small)


Join the Change. Put on Life.

Tired of the same-old, same-old when it comes to athletic socks? With these Epivive American Flag Athletic Socks, you can stand out from the crowd! This collection is designed locally in Atlanta, Georgia and features creative, flashy designs that will get you noticed-whether you’re into basketball, running, soccer, lacrosse, football, or any other activity!

Superior quality is the hallmark of our athletic socks. They’re not made in some far-away overseas factory; they’re produced right here in the USA using premium yarns and stitching methods. And their good looks go beyond skin deep: our fabric is both antimicrobial (to prevent odors from developing) and moisture wicking to keep your feet and calves cool and dry. So you can stay focused on winning-not on your hot, sweaty feet!

Our local game changing designs set us apart from other brands, and our love and respect for the game and people guides all that we do. You simply won’t find any other athletic brand out there like us. Passion, energy and excitement blend together to create one compelling product line. You don’t settle for less in the gym or on the field, and we promise to never settle for less with our products!

• Bold, colorful designs
• High-quality construction
• Antimicrobial & breathable, moisture-wicking fabric
• For kids and adults, unisex
• Designed with love in Atlanta
• Built right here in the USA


Game changing, vibrant designs look great on kids, teens & adult athletes alike. Make a statement!

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