Jefferies Socks Little Girls’ School Uniform Acrylic Cable Knee High (Pack of 6), Navy, 7-8.5
October 29, 2016
Blue Q Socks, Women’s Crew, My Cat Is Cool As F–k
October 29, 2016
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Debra Weitzner Women’s 3-Pack Diabetic Ankle Socks , ankle/grey, 9-11


6 pairs of top-quality diabetic Crew or ankle socks with loose fitting, non-binding top for maximum comfort. Made of breathable cotton material, these therapeutic medical socks work great to imporve blood circulation and are highly recommended for diabetes, edema, and neuropathy. These affordable physician approved socks will keep your legs healthy and comfortable.Get extra comfort with these diabetic socks. They provide excellent cushioning and its loose fit top is made to be unrestrictive of circulation.

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