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Compression Socks for Women & Men Best For Running, Athletic Sports, Crossfit, Flight Travel – Suits Nurses (M: US men 7.5-9.5/ women 8-10.5/ Calf 12-15 inch, KQMCSK19M-Green Argyle)


Boost your performance and stamina
Whether you are an athlete who wants to enhance your performance and post-race recovery or someone who experiences tired, achy legs from too much standing or sitting, SoxAge Compression Socks offer relief from leg swelling, reduce lactic acid production and ease symptoms related to varicose veins. Gentle but firm 20-30mmHg compression deters blood pooling and supports blood flow back up the leg to the heart. This results in less leg fatigue and greater endurance for all your activities.

All-day comfort and long-lasting durabilityOur revolutionary blend of 75% micro-fibre nylon and 25% Spandex is highly functional but also makes our compression socks some of the most comfortable on the market. This lightweight, resilient material is machine-washable with air-drying recommended. SoxAge Socks won’t chafe or irritate your skin, and the antimicrobial fibres reduce the potential growth of bacteria and fungus. Whether you are seeking relief from shin splints or spider veins, or hope to prevent future injuries through enhanced support,SoxAge Compression Socks will keep you going all day.♪GRADUATED COMPRESSION (20 – 30 mmHg) & FASTER MUSCLE RECOVER gradually decreases moving up the leg. Better oxygen circulation helps reduce lactic acid build up and aids muscle recovery.

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