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Coming Clean


For two years now, Kelly has been living with a secret. A dirty secret that she can share with no one. Ever since she saw Alex in the shower, she’s been lusting for him, longing for his embrace, to give herself to him completely. But she can’t. She can’t have him, because Alex is the man who raised her. It would be totally unacceptable for her to tell him what she feels. And even if she did, Alex couldn’t possibly…

All through those two years, Kelly has been quietly touching herself while looking at a collection of pictures she has of Alex. Pictures of him being manly and sexy. She keeps dreaming of a future with him, and she has kept herself untouched for him. Kelly wants Alex to be the first man to take her, even though deep down she knows he can’t.

It felt absolutely perfect every time. More perfect, Kelly thought, than anything any of the guys her age could give her. Not that those boys mattered. She’d never be able to let anyone else take her innocence. She’d spent so long looking at pictures of Alex, cherishing the memory of that one morning, that giving him the ultimate gift was the only logical conclusion. If there was anyone she was going to lose herself to, it would be to him.

When Alex finds out about Kelly’s little ritual and confronts her, she simply has to come clean. And coming clean has never felt as dirty as this.

‘Uh… how long have you been standing there?’ she asked when she finally figured out what she really wanted to ask him.
‘Is that my shirt?’ Alex dryly replied.
Kelly plucked at the shirt. She tried to cover the wet spot with her hand. There was no way to hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, really.

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