Saucony Women’s 2 Pack Elite Dash Superlite Low Cut Double Tab Socks, Light Grey Assorted, 5-7/4-6
July 24, 2016
DANISH ENDURANCE Compression Socks // (US 5-8, White/Grey)
July 24, 2016
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CEP Women’s Dynamic+ No-Show Compression Socks, black/grey, Size 2 [Around Mid-Foot: 20.5-23.5cm]


Take the foot portion from CEP’s 2.0 Run Sock and the result is a finely tuned anatomically shaped no-show sock made for comfort, performance and durability CEP No Show Socks help to functionally improve circulation in the feet by applying targeted compression over the mid-foot and ankle. This compression directly reduces superficial swelling in the feet by supporting the Plantar Plexus network of veins. The result is a lighter run, a better performance and overall better feeling before, during or after. Graduated medi compression technology Gender specific sizing based on foot circumference Synthetic fibers with a high-end finish CEP is owned by medi, a world leader in medical compression manufacturing. With over 60+ years of experience making compression socks in Germany.Consistent 18mmHg compression over the foot provides arch support and helps reduce pain from Plantar Fasciitis
Reduced pressure in the toe box for maximum toe movement and comfort
High-end synthetic fibers keep the feet dry and cool
Right and Left anatomical fit will help prevent blisters and discomfort
Made in Germany with the highest quality materials in medi’s ISO Certified and FDA Regulated manufacturing facility – 100% satisfaction guarantee

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