Sierra Socks Girls’ School Uniform Opaque Nylon Knee High 3 Pair Pack Socks 2027 (Small (7-8 1/2), Black)
July 24, 2016
Sunward New Baby Girls Kids Toddlers Cute Cotton Knee High Socks Long Tube Socks (27cm, Coffee Fox)
July 24, 2016
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CEP Women’s Dynamic+ Compression Run Socks, Hawaii Blue/Pink, Size III (Ankle Circumference: 8.5-9-Inch)


Functionally improves circulation in the feet by applying targeted compression over the mid-foot and ankle. The compression directly reduces superficial swelling in the feet by supporting the Plantar Plexus network of veins. The result is a lighter run, a better performance and overall better feeling before, during or after. Pair this sock with CEP’s Compression Calf Sleeves for a full Compression Sock effect. Graduated medi compression technology Gender specific sizing based on ankle circumference Synthetic fibers with a high-end finish CEP is owned by medi, a world leader in medical compression manufacturing. With over 60+ years of experience making compression socks in Germany.Medical grade 20mmHg provides stability and enhanced coordination
Consistent 18mmHg compression over the mid-foot provides added support that helps reduce pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis
Reduced pressure in the toe box for maximum toe movement and comfort
High-end synthetic fibers keep the feet dry and cool
Made in Germany with the highest quality materials in medi’s ISO Certified and FDA Regulated manufacturing facility – 100% satisfaction guarantee

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