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Bra Extender Narrow 3 Hook Soft Back Comfortable Band Extenders for Bras


3 x2 hooks ,3 x3 hooks 3 x 4 hooks,3 x5 hooks,3 x 6 hooks design, adjustable, fit for most size bra.

The Bra Hook Extender will increase the length of your bra band for added inches of comfort.

Bra Extenders simply make life a little more comfortable

Whether you’re in-between sizes or experiencing maternity weight gain, bra extenders give you the breathing room you need to tackle life’s other challenges. They simply attach to the hooks on your bra band, providing you a little more breathing room and extending the life of your favorite bra. Ultra thin, soft microfiber with metal hooks.

How to use: Hook the hook part of the bra extender onto the eye part of your bra. Put on your bra as you normally do. Breathe a sigh of relief that your bra-blem is solved.100% nylon tricot. Comfort to your sensitive skin

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