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April 26, 2017
RSG Baby/Toddler/Kids Low-Cut Terry Non-Skid Slipper Socks 3-Pack (Red/Purple/Raspberry, 2-4 YR)
April 26, 2017
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Boy’s Comfortable Cotton Short Boxer Briefs Toddler Underwear 5 Pack(M 2-3 Year Old)


 Why the baby to wear underwear is better than naked
Gender consciousness
Underwear can promote the establishment of the baby’s gender consciousness, let the baby grow up aware of the sexes, and private parts need special protection
Abdominal pain or cold
For your baby to wear small pants, can prevent the baby belly often catch cold catch cold, especially when the weather is cold
Privacy of health
The baby likes sitting on the ground to play, wear small pants is able to make out some impurities, protect the baby’s genitals.In addition, the baby wear small pants can reduce pants with privacy, friction, protect the baby’s skin
Baby potty training
For your baby to wear small pants, is conducive to the baby potty training, since the childhood to form regular toilet, this process is very important for baby’s growth and development
How old suitable for wear boxer briefs
Once the baby out of diapers, you can wear small pants.The baby is in commonly 3 annual revenues, so let the baby before at least 3 years old used to wear underwear
Social adaptability
Underwear of vertical and horizontal dimension, to the baby’s ability of observation could help.Habit and the baby to wear underwear also help quicker to adapt to life in the kindergarten in the future, also can develop the independence of the baby and mental development
Play with penis
If baby is from small to form the habit of wearing underwear, can prevent the baby to play genital produced by bacteria, also can prevent the friction with the pants
95% Modal Cotton Fabric; 5% Spandex

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