Lian LifeStyle Children’s 1 Pair Wool blend Crew Socks Plain Color 6M-12M (Grey)
June 23, 2017
Argoz Grand Slam Grey/Orange/Black Argyle Socks
June 23, 2017
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Body Pod Sensory Sock (7-Sizes) Large Apple Green


Bipgear Body Pods, Autism Socks are translucent, tubular sleeves, made of high quality Spandex material. Body Pods Therapy Socks provide fun playtime activity for boys and girls. Children with developmental delays or sensory disabilities can use Body Pods Sensory Socks to improve their skills. The Bod Pod pushes back against the child’s movement. This helps children with coordination and spatial positioning. Body Pods Therapy Socks allow for both visual and kinesthetic feedback on their movements. The same benefits are gained by adult users of Bod Pods as well. The Body Pod Therapy Sock is a wonderful therapeutic experience.(Latex Elastic)

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