Diabetic Socks Womens Cotton 3-Pack Crew Grey By DEBRA WEITZNER, crew/grey, 9-11
October 31, 2016
HDE Women’s Extra Long 2-Tone Over Knee High Socks Cute (1 Pair) (Red)
October 31, 2016
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Blue Q Ankle Socks, “I’ve Got Big Plans”


Sometimes you’re really excited about an event or goal and all you want to do is scream it from the rooftops but you know you have to stay quiet about it because if you tell too many people you’ll jinx it. Those are the moments when you need to sidle up to a blue and red striped caterpillar and spill all your secrets. Women’s shoe size 5-10. 54% combed cotton, 43% nylon and 3% spandex.A crew and ankle sock in one

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