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6 Pairs Women No Show Bamboo Fiber Boat Socks(White)


Fit Women Shoe US Sizes 5-12(10-12 Tight),EUR Size 35-44(42-44 Tight). 6 Pairs of Natural Bamboo Fiber Socks. So what is so special about bamboo fiber? It is fused with cotton, these bamboo fiber socks allows the foot to breath freely. With air going through your feet and toes, this prevents bacteria from forming. What is more, these socks are very sweat absorbent, stopping the feet and toes from getting all sweaty, which causes feet to become smelly and can even cause fungi(Athlete’s foot). It also allows these socks to be extremely stretchy, It can fit many sizes and really tough against stretches. The unique designed(boat socks) is meant to be invisible/no show while wearing casual shoes and sneakers. Equipped with a large silicon grip in the back of the socks, this will prevent the socks from slipping, along with absolute comfort against the heels. However there is a bit of disadvantage with bamboo fiber. It fluffs up and kinda rough when you feel it, however this does not affect the comfort when you wear it.Fit Women Shoe US Sizes 5-12(10-12 Tight),EUR Size 35-44(42-44 Tight)

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