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3 Pairs Women’s MERINO WOOL Socks, Best Quality Warm Ankle Length, Vitsocks Classic, 10.5-11.5, dark grey


Material Composition:
80% Merino Wool, 17% Nylon, 3% spandex.

Socks Description:
Thanks to the natural properties of Merino wool and its ability to regulate heat, these socks are ideal for different weather conditions.

Made from Merino wool, one of the finest fabrics which is naturally elastic, soft and strong, these socks will guarantee you a high level of comfort. Merino wool is also very breathable and easily absorbs moisture, allowing your feet to stay dry and fresh. Socks made from Merino wool provide warmth in the cold and remain cool in warm weather. We also added a small amount of stretch fabric for extra durability.
Their soft elasticated cuffs help these ankle socks to stay up well without creating undesirable compression. The “Y-heel” design creates slightly deeper and anatomically shaped heel pockets for the most comfortable fit. They also have flat seams to prevent skin irritation in the sensitive area around the toe. Because of the special yarn dyeing technique, socks color remains saturated even after multiple washes.

Material Qualities:
Merino wool is a natural fiber collected during the first shearing of Merino sheep. This fiber is very soft, elastic and ultra breathable. Thanks to its natural thermoregulation properties, Merino wool provides warmth when the temperature is low and remains cool in warm weather. It also has a natural ability to move moisture away from the skin, which allows it to stay dry and fresh.

Nylon and spandex are man-made fibers that are used in socks in order to add elasticity and increase their durability.Merino wool, one of the finest natural fabrics with remarkable properties, guarantees a high level of comfort.

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