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April 26, 2017
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April 26, 2017
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100% Cotton Socks Women’s Sage Green 3-pack Thin – shoe size: 5-6


100% Cotton Socks – available in many different colors and sizes. There are 3 pairs of socks in a bag (3-pack).

They made of 100% high quality Italian synthetic-free pure natural cotton. Will not irritate sensitive skin. Nice, thin, very comfortable, gentle on the ankles, perfect for everyday wear all year ’round. Enjoy them casual, work or even dress…

The inner and outer layer entirely made of 100% cotton. They are made with a special knitting pattern that makes them feel elastic, but there is no elastic type of material woven through in the body part of the socks. However, in the cuff (top) part of the sock, there is an actual rubber string wrapped around with cotton that is inside between the two layers (inner and outer) of cotton and it is an essential part of the sock. It is structured as single line going around the cuff part to keep the sock on the calf. Since it is specially designed to be between two layers of cotton plus has a cotton coat around, the rubber itself does not have any connection with the skin.

Composition: 100% cotton with thin cotton wrapped rubber string only at the top part of the sock, hidden between two layers.

TO GET THE PROPER FIT, SELECT SIZE BY YOUR SHOE SIZE. (Keep it in mind that male and female shoe sizes are not the same. There’s generally a 2 size difference. For example a female size 10 is equivalent to a man’s size 8.)

Care instructions: Separate colored from white, cold/warm wash, iron ok, non-chlorine detergent, no dry clean, tumble dry low


100% high quality European natural cotton, special cotton wrapped loose rubber at only the top part to allow sock stay up

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